Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Your personal weight loss issues and programs are something you don’t talk with others about and we realize you don’t want your information readily available online either. Our online pharmacy strives to protect your privacy through the use of the Internet, with all mail order and even in the methods of storage of all customer information.

All of the pages on our web site were created to keep you informed. We protect your privacy using encryption and security on every page. No information is collected about you without your knowledge, and the information that you do submit is never used without your expressed permission. We never sell or rent information about our site users and those who are interested in bettering their health.

Your medical information is private and secure. We secure every page with encryption of the highest levels. Your information is never stored on any server and this is for your best privacy and protection matters.

When you are placing an order online, your order is placed through a secure link. The pages are encrypted, and you can realize this by seeing the lock on the lower right hand corner of your screen. No doubt about it, security is protecting your privacy using our online pharmacy.

While placing an order at our online pharmacy you will be excited to learn that no credit card or debit card information is passed on to our company. All information is processed and we received only your name, shipping information and your order information.

In shipping your order, we protect your privacy as well. No use of the online pharmacy name or the use of the Phentermine name itself is used in the shipping of your order. All orders are discreet and expedited for your personal preference and privacy protection. This protects your privacy and your security from the first step of your order through the last step of you receiving your order.

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